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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use this site?
Car Dealers, Retailers and people with parts inventory.
Is there a cost for using the site?
No, there is no cost to use the site.
Do I pay commissions on transactions?
No commission fees of any kind are charged.
Can I sell items that have core charges associated with them?
Yes, you can sell them but no core charges will be paid.
Can I sell open box control modules(ECU, ECM, PCM Etc.)?
No, non sealed boxing is not allowed.
Do I have to accept the offers in full?
No, you only sell what you want to.
Who pays the shipping costs?
The seller is responsible for all shipping costs.
Can I sell superseded number?
Buyers do not usually accept them. You can try.
How do I submit an inventory?
Simply upload a CSV or Excel file of your inventory - we will do the rest!
Who do I contact for questions?